"Your past is not your future; you have the power to make new decisions for your life starting today."
- Deb Sofield


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The Final Word for April – 100% Off The Record…No Such Thing

Let me remind you that Nothing is 100% off the record. When the reporter walks in with a TV camera to interview you, remember the audio is probably ON. And when the reporter says to the cameraman are you filming? And the cameraman says…NO – well your brain needs to ask – are they recording…and… Read more »

The Final Word for February – Acknowledge With Graciousness – Deb’s Ah-Ha Moment

If you have ever heard me speak you probably know this story of an Ah-Ha moment in my life – which I will never forget. A number years ago I was speaking at a conference for judges and lawyers and the luncheon speaker was a lady from a presidential administration (I didn’t care for) and… Read more »

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. - Mark Twain