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“Deb’s enthusiasm is catchy. She really made me feel comfortable and important. She was funny and the presentation kept my attention all the way to the end.”

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Elevate Your Communication Skills with Deb Sofield: Expert Public Speaking Coach, Crisis Communication Strategist, Interview Success Guide, & Media Training Specialist

Public Speaking Coach

Deb as Your Executive Speech Coach

Presidents have them, politicians trust them, sales teams and road shows rely on them – You and your team needs one! If you’re in a leadership position you know how important it is that you and your team be able to present well, whether it’s a shareholders address, breakout session, keynote session or a national sales meeting.

If you or your team have ever needed help crafting the right message or if your staff or sales team needs a refresher course on public speaking skills for today’s market – find me.

As a speech coach, we’ll work together to create the right message. I don’t write speeches, but I can help you and your team refine what needs to be said for maximum impact. Sometimes it is as simple as reorganizing of thoughts or adding in a few experiences or facts and figures that are anchored to what the audience knows.

Sometimes you’ll have to start over and focus your words to match your message. It is not a long process, but it is intensive.

I will work with you and your teams natural talents and gifts to design a confidence-building, powerful program that will leave people talking about the presentation long after it’s over!

Private Coaching

I understand what it means to be the public face, voice, and advocate of your business. So, if you’re ready to put your best face forward, to become the persuasive speaker and presenter you’ve always dreamed you could become and frankly the one your company needs let’s get started with your personal training today.

Your Campaign Coach

I am a successful politician who has been winning campaigns for more than thirty years (both mine and for others). I work both nationally and internationally training for public speaking and presentation skills and campaign messaging. I train at the top campaign schools in the country (The Campaign School at Yale and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government) with a focus to train Candidates for Public Speaking, Campaign Communications and Media Skills for Interviews, Podcasts, TV, Radio, and Editorial Boards. Book smarts don’t work in the real world of politics – hire someone who has been in the battle successfully.

Debate Training

Anyone who follows politics understands that debates and forums can make or break a candidate. Once the lights go on there is simply no turning back – you need a coach for debate prep. Don’t step into the light without one.

Political Communication

The simple fact is it’s rare to find a woman in the political business that is a seasoned campaign professional both as a candidate and campaign strategist. I have a wealth of street smarts in every aspect of campaign management. While others pontificate about political theory – I’ve put theory into action and have boldly withstood the hailstorms of 100’s of political fights and won most of them.

Your Clergy Coach

A now a word about my softer side… It may seem odd that a national speaker who is also a speech and presentations coach would help “pastors” but in today’s fast paced world it is good to have a perspective from the worship bench. Through my years of speaking and moving an audience to action I offer insight, inspiration and a message to anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the life of others. My job is to enhance the words you’ve been given to reach into the hearts and minds and boldly connect with the audience that is before you weekly… with grace. I will work with your natural talents and gifts to help you produce a powerful message that will leave people talking, acting and thinking about your sermon long after it’s over.

Presidents have them, politicians trust them, sales teams and road shows rely on them – You need one! If you’re in a leadership position you know how important it is to be able to present well.

Crisis Communication

Our 24-7-365 day a year speed at all costs information environment requires that we be prepared for what could happen. Remember, all news is international news the minute it happens and there is no such thing as a local story.

Your company’s reputation is fragile and it only takes one mistake to cause damage for a lifetime. This is especially true in the digital world and that’s why you need a Crisis Communications trainer to help protect and defend you, your company, and your organization before you face any public challenges to your reputation.

Learn how to listen and get ahead of the social media chatter and respond in the way that aligns with your community and customer expectations.

It’s Not If but When – Be Prepared. Learn how to mitigate potential reputational damage about a crisis before it harms your organization. By thinking through what could happen and putting a plan in place you’re in a better place to combat anything that comes your way.

Interview For Success

The Art of the Interview
If you are planning to go to College, Law School, Medical School, Dental School, Veterinary School for MBA or a Job you need to be prepared.  And those who want to be successful in their interview take the time; spend the money and work hard.

In our time together we’ll develop your confidence and learn to say the powerful words and give the proper answers the school or job requires.

For more than twenty years, I have trained people from all walks of life for success in the interview. My tried and true techniques work – making the most fearful students or job seekers successfully answer the questions – even the hard ones.

I will help you learn to connect with the interviewer or the interview panel. Together, we will work with your natural talents and gifts to help you craft the answers to the questions that will be asked.

Your Rock Star Success includes:

  • First Impressions
  • Controlling Nervousness
  • Body Language
  • Delivery and Vocal Presentations
  • Knowing Your Interviewer
  • Research, Topic and Material Organization
  • Clothes, Hair and Make-up

I videotape the interview for training and practice and then offer strategic tips and advice to help you re-craft your answers for greater success. For most of you – there is only one chance to shine – make sure you’re polished.

You need to prepare if you plan to go to college, business or law school, medical or dental school, veterinary school or for a job. Those who want to be successful in their interview take the time, spend the money & work hard.

Media Training

Today’s top executives have a lot more in common than mastering the boardroom and the bottom line. Most business titans have learned the art of mastering the media. They have no other choice. In our high-tech, high-speed, media age of Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and 24-hour, up-to-the-minute news cycles either you move quickly and decisively to define yourself, your product, and your company or you allow others to define you.

By working together, you’ll learn to view the media not as an adversary but as an ally in promoting your product, your message and your point-of-view. With coaching you can learn how to craft a message that will resonate with skeptical reporters and their audiences, build a rapport with live audiences, and connect with the camera during a live interview.

Friends, you need to appear at ease with the media and constituents alike and you must present the total package to impact an uninformed, uninterested and unresponsive public. The old saying is – the camera never lies, the media is unforgiving and I’ll add that YouTube will replay your remarks till you’ve been ground into dust – so make sure you’re prepared

I have faced and won-over the toughest audience in the business: the Media. As a former press secretary and longtime publicly elected official I understand the challenges of dealing with the media in this high-speed media saturated technological age.

With my Sofield Strategy you’ll learn how to talk to reporters, navigate interviews and editorial boards, and make your message “newsworthy.” Whether you’re working to connect your audience, your voters or stockholders, your custom-designed sessions will prepare you to stay on message and make the media work for you!

By working together we will find your space in the spotlight and transform you into a memorable and professional public speaker.

Today’s top executives have a lot more in common than mastering the boardroom and the bottom line. Most business titans have learned the art of mastering the media. In our high-tech, high-speed, media age, they have no other choice.

Deb About Deb...

Through many years of speaking on the national circuit, I have found that for most of us it’s not what we say but what our audience, friends, and family hear. Because of that simple fact you need to re-craft your message to break through the noise.

When I am not on the road speaking at conferences and conventions – I spend my time helping others find their voice and learn to use it by being a private executive speech and presentations coach.

I have the good fortune to travel around the world and across America training executives and elected officials to become effective, powerful communicators with a polished message for success in every medium. As a former advertising agency owner, I help blend the visual and verbal messaging that wins at every level. I have helped thousands of people enhance their natural abilities for influence, leadership and diplomacy, to become capable and motivated speakers who can (with practice) deliver a message with lasting impact. If you want to change your life I’d like to be your coach, find me at the contact Deb section of my site.

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