Deb is available to provide a keynote address, moderate a panel, or lead a training workshop at your next event. Popular keynote and workshop topics:

  • High Impact Public Speaking Presentation Skills
  • Crisis Communications Training
  • Conquering the Camera: Media Savvy Presentations
  • Preparation for Speeches, Interviews, & Debates

Matt P. says, “Deb gets my high praise as a speaker. She has a no-nonsense, uplifting, can-do message that encourages, cajoles, and pushes you to reach your fullest potential. She really convinced me that I could live my best life ever.”

Whether you’re 16 or 60, Deb’s presentations offer insight, inspiration and a winning message to anyone who wants to get ahead and make a positive difference to change the world. Deb’s common business sense and southern sense of humor makes for entertaining, information-packed and fun-filled presentations that leave the audiences wanting more.


Speaking Topics

Fear of public speaking is the number one phobia in the nation, according to Advertising & Marketing News’ Book of Lists. Yet there is probably no business skill more important than the ability to speak to an audience of any size.

The rules are changing and this refresher course is all you need to bring you up-to-date on what works in today’s fast paced, 24/7 Twitter infused marketplace. Deb’s 15 Rules provides a tool kit and a wide range of guidelines and tips for your success – everything from personal presentation to communication and strategy for women who want to craft their speaking skills for rock star status.

Join nationally known speaker and trainer Deb Sofield and re-learn at least 15 Rules for the road that will keep your audience awake as you make your next presentation memorable.

Wikipedia states that: Crisis Communication is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation.

Our world has changed and it can be treacherous for municipalities, elected officials and businesses that deal with the public. There are potential problems at every turn. Anyone who hopes to be successful must be prepared, anticipate where some of the dangers lie, avoid as many of them as possible, and be able to deal with the crises that do occur as quickly and efficiently as possible without losing face or momentum.

Sufficient to say it is not if something will happen ~ but when. Are you prepared?

If your team needs a trainer on Crisis Communications find Deb Sofield – Speaker, Author, Coach

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, Executive Speech & Presentations Coach Deb Sofield shows you how to win your audience from “hello!” This experienced politician and savvy businesswoman has faced aggressive editorial boards, hostile political opponents, indifferent customers, and an audience of thousands – inspiring all with her entertaining and information-packed presentations on success and leadership. Deb knows all the tricks of the trade and shares them with you! Whether you’re making a presentation before city council or interviewing for that perfect job, you’ll learn tips of the trade on everything from gathering material for your remarks and speaking confidently to dressing for success. Deb even shows you how to deal with hostile questions and technical difficulties. In “Public Speaking Skills for the Professional” let the Sofield Strategy work for you. Come bolster your self-confidence and leave your next audience wanting more!

Today’s top executives have a lot more in common than mastering the boardroom and the bottom line. The most elite in the field – those we read and hear about – have learned the art of mastering the media. They have no other choice. In our high-tech, high-speed, media age of Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Tivo and 24-hour, up-to-the-minute news cycles either you move quickly and decisively to define yourself, your product, and your company – or you allow others to define you. Let Executive Speech Coach, winning politician and successful business-owner Deb Sofield, show you how to craft a meaningful message and keep one step ahead of a frenetic media in her cutting-edge seminar for busy executives. In Deb’s Media Savvy Presentations, leaders like you will learn to view the media not as an adversary but as an ally in promoting your product, your message and your point-of-view. Using the Sofield Strategy, you’ll learn how to craft a message that will resonate with skeptical reporters and their audiences, build a rapport with live audiences, and connect with the camera during a videotaped interview. If you’re ready to take your leadership skills and your company to the next level, mastering media strategy that will leave people talking – Call Deb Sofield today!

Feeling overlooked, ignored, or invisible at work? If you’ve ever secretly wonder what you’re doing to sabotage your own career, or why others enjoy all the lucky breaks – it’s time you learned Deb Sofield’s amazing, “Unspoken Rules of the Game – 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life.” In this lively discussion, Deb Sofield examines the five foundational bad habits that keep women from realizing their amazing potential. You’ll laugh a lot and learn more as you:

  • Explore ways to take advantage of every opportunity for leadership in both your personal and professional life
  • Change the way you communicate
  • Exploit your natural abilities and attributes
  • Strengthen others’ perceptions about you and maximize your message in the marketplace using the Sofield Strategy

If you’re ready to take charge, be noticed and move upwhile maintaining your natural leadership style, join Deb Sofield and change the course of your career!

(Good luncheon or after dinner talk) History is chock full of leaders who started out as losers, loners or laggards. But when their time came, they answered destiny call. And in many cases, changed the course of our lives. In this powerful message on leadership, National Speaker Deb Sofield delivers one of her most insightful and sought after presentations on the essence of leadership drawing from real-life examples and lessons from history. Deb examines the common characteristics that all dynamic leaders share and leaves today’s leaders with important tips for leaving a lasting legacy. Leaders answered the call and so too, changed the fates of countries, companies and people. Hear the stories of those who have gone before and left a legacy we all know. Come join Deb Sofield for an exciting lesson on the qualities of lasting leadership with history’s misfits, mavericks, renegades and rascals.

In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, elected leaders and candidates for office need to be savvier than ever. From fundraising, to command of the issues, debate and speech prep – to appearing at ease with the media and constituents alike – today’s politicians need to present the total package to impact a mostly uninformed, uninterested and unresponsive public.

In this custom tailored program, Deb helps each client identify the reasons for seeking office. Deb then uses that as a base to develop a strategic communication package to help you sell your message to voters, the media and for use in speech, editorial boards, and debate prep. Deb’s strategy includes important techniques for building a political platform on serious issues and ideas, crafting your message, and dealing with negative opposition.

A few sessions with Deb Sofield and you will be running a campaign for the history books – a winning campaign defined by you – not by your opposition or the media. Call Deb today to get started on the path to victory!

Note: Deb Sofield knows that burden increases on the female candidates who also have to justify to a skeptical public why she wants to hold public office. That’s why Deb has developed a Campaign Strategy specifically for women – Call today to learn more.

It’s been said that all politics is local…and today that is truer than ever. Times have changed with the advent of Snap, Instragram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Add to that the warp speed of daily life and the miscommunication that happens due to moving parts and people without a structured plan. If you or your local leadership is out of the loop, not hearing what is being said in the world of social media chatter, it could cost you an election, cost your town precious funds, and harm your district.

While at the heart of it all politics is local, I think it is universal that we elect folks from among our ranks and send them to the Capital and then for some unknown reason they go missing…they forget who we are and why we sent them in the first place… not because they don’t want to help us but because they are pulled in so many different directions they forget our local needs when they are voting for the state as a whole.

Friend, you are in the driver’s seat, so do your town a favor and monitor what gets done on the federal, state and local level… make sure what you are expecting is really getting done and you’re not just being given lip service. Come and learn some simple steps on how to put advocacy into action… you can’t afford not to.

Ask Deb about her other presentation for your conference.

What Deb’s Fans Say

Deb Sofield was the most requested speaker year after year at our annual Southern Women in Public Service conference.  Women political leaders, seasoned and novice, couldn’t wait to hear her tips on speaking.   There is no better teacher of presentation skills than Deb Sofield, and we are fortunate she has compiled her knowledge in this book. – William “Brother” R., Associate Director, John C. Stennis Center for Public Service

Thanks for sharing your greatest tips for us to fight in the battle and change the world. – Kate F.

Not only did you do a fabulous job speaking with us, you took the worries we had about public speaking away. – Kianna M.

Thank you for the presentation by Deb Sofield that was given for the Women of the City. To be encouraged and motivated is one of the best gifts one can receive.Taking control of the mental game, especially of space and power, was intriguing and memorable because of Deb’s visual and comical portrayal. And we’ve all been told that body language speaks volumes; thus the tips for improvement were fabulous.Kudos to each of you for your involvement in supporting the women in our workplace. Fondly, – Lynn C.

What a pleasure meeting you, and hearing your presentation about using my voice when campaigning, last Sunday.  It was a wonderful, refreshing reminder of lessons I learned from voice classes during my acting days, many years ago.  Thank you very much for taking the time to come to Los Angeles and share your knowledge, insight, and wisdom! Thank you for being one of the many inspiring speakers that inspired me!  – Philip H.

I was an attendee at the Sister Giant conference in LA this past weekend. I have thought of you repeatedly since and just wanted to thank you for attending and contributing in the ways you did. I found your talk inspiring and practical. I especially admire and respect your presence given your political views vary so greatly from the majority of people in the room. It took a lot of courage to sit on the “party panel” and your willingness to come across the county to teach and share with us really made a big impression. Thank you for being such an excellent role model.  With thanks and love,  – Karie B.

I have taught acting and speech and was very impressed by your presentation!  – Joyce C.

Thank you, Deb, for your comments both yesterday and today at Sister Giant. I had literally stopped talking with my Republican friends because I couldn’t stand the anger, the fear, and the polarized opinions. I had become disillusioned and hardened by this election cycle. You got this Democrat to think warmly of a Republican and I agree that you earned a standing ovation. Thank you for that!!!  Carry on, friend! – Val V.

Just finished listening to your Sunday presentation at Sister Giant – I am listening from Louisville KY via live streaming – you were phenomenal – spoke directly to my soul and made me think more than twice (and I’m a democrat!)… – Kathy F.

Evaluations from Deb’s Speaking

You received the highest rating of any session at all three conferences. I only received a grade of 7.72 for my session, one session only received ratings in the 5’s so know that your 9’s are truly significant – i.e. our folks don’t just always rate everything high.

‘This was by far the highlight of this conference. The info was valuable and interesting.’

‘So much good info with loads of humor thrown in. Amazing speaker.’

‘Worth the money for the whole conference.’

‘Now this is professional development. Bring her back!’

‘If every presentation were this powerful and educational, we would truly see a difference in our organizations.’

‘Loved her logo! Dynamic message- Excellent choice to end! Feel sorry for those who didn’t attend.’

I totally enjoyed Deb’s presentation style (please don’t change a thing) – she brings herself to the presentation – which is a breath of fresh air!

Very well done. Kept it interesting – practiced what she preached. Dynamic and entertaining.

Deb’s enthusiasm is catchy. She really made me feel comfortable and important. She was funny and the presentation kept my attention all the way to the end.

Wow, what a surprise to hear about “valuing who you are.” I’ve made some amazing changes in the past two years so I totally agree with what Deb said. My friend sitting next to me was in tears as “Deb” spoke about taking care of yourself and being positive. Thank you for sharing this information.