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“Thanks for sharing your greatest tips for us to fight in the battle and change the world.”

– Kate

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Enhance Your Event with Deb Sofield: Engaging Keynote Speaker and Expert Trainer in Public Speaking, Crisis Communications, Media Savvy, & More

Deb is available to provide a keynote address, moderate a panel, or lead a training workshop at your next event.

Matt P. says, “Deb gets my high praise as a speaker. She has a no-nonsense, uplifting, can-do message that encourages, cajoles, and pushes you to reach your fullest potential. She really convinced me that I could live my best life ever.”

Whether you’re 16 or 60, Deb’s presentations offer insight, inspiration, and a winning message to anyone who wants to get ahead and make a positive difference to change the world. Deb’s southern sense of humor and uncommon business sense makes for entertaining, information-packed, and fun-filled presentations that leave the audiences wanting more.

Speaking Topics:

15 Rules for the Road™

Fear of Public Speaking is one of the top five phobia in the nation. Yet there is no business skill more important than the ability to speak well to an audience of any size.

The rules are changing, and this refresher course is all you need to bring you up to date on what works in today’s fast paced, 24/7 Twitter infused marketplace. Deb’s 15 Rules provides a tool kit and a wide range of guidelines and tips for your success – everything from personal presentation to communication and strategy for those who want to craft their speaking skills for success.

Join nationally known speaker and trainer Deb Sofield and re-learn 15 Rules that will keep your audience awake as you make your next presentation memorable.

The Ebb and Flow of Innovation: The Rise of Netflix and Fall of Blockbuster ™

(Luncheon or after dinner talk)

Brand strength and past successes aren’t enough to compete in the future, especially in this fast-paced world. Ignoring a changing business landscape can wreck any industry so, how do you keep your company or organization ahead your competition? The same way smart, agile, innovative companies do when they focus and create customer value, when they restructure the business when needed and when they work daily to keep ahead of technology trends in their industry and others. While it may not be easy it is certainly doable with the right mindset. Join Deb Sofield for a fascinating story of what happened when a giant was slain by a newcomer with a new idea on an old process.

Crisis Communications Training™

Wikipedia states that: Crisis Communication is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to Protect and Defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation.

Our world has changed, and it can be treacherous for elected officials, municipalities, and businesses that deal with the public. There are potential troubles at every turn. Anyone who hopes to be successful must be prepared, anticipate where some of the dangers lie, avoid as many of them as possible, and be able to deal with the crises that do occur as quickly and efficiently as possible without losing face or momentum.

Sufficient to say it is not IF something will happen ~ but WHEN. Are you prepared?

If your team needs a trainer on Crisis Communications find Deb Sofield – Speaker, Author, Coach.

High Impact Public Speaking Presentation Skills™

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, Executive Speech & Presentations Coach Deb Sofield shows you how to win your audience from “hello!” This experienced politician and savvy businesswoman has faced aggressive editorial boards, hostile political opponents, indifferent customers, and an audience of thousands – inspiring all with her entertaining and information-packed presentations on success and leadership. Deb knows all the tricks of the trade and shares them with you! Whether you’re making a presentation before City council or interviewing for that perfect job, you’ll learn tips of the trade on everything from gathering material for your remarks and speaking confidently to dressing for success. Deb even shows you how to deal with hostile questions and technical difficulties. In “Public Speaking Skills for the Professional” let the Sofield Strategy work for you. Come bolster your self-confidence and leave your next audience wanting more!

Media Savvy Presentations ™

Today’s top executives have a lot more in common than mastering the boardroom and the bottom line. The most elite in the field – those we read and hear about – have learned the art of mastering the media. They have no other choice. In our high-tech, high-speed, media age of Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, TikTok and 24-hour, up-to-the-minute news cycles either you move quickly and decisively to define yourself, your product, and your company – or you allow others to define you. Let Executive Speech Coach, winning politician, and successful business-owner Deb Sofield, show you how to craft a meaningful message and keep one step ahead of a frenetic media in her cutting-edge seminar for busy executives. In Deb’s Media Savvy Presentations, leaders like you will learn to view the media not as an adversary but as an ally in promoting your product, your message, and your point-of-view. You’ll learn how to craft a message that will resonate with skeptical reporters and their audiences, build a rapport with live audiences, and connect with the camera during a videotaped interview. If you’re ready to take your leadership skills and your company to the next level, mastering media strategy that will leave people talking – Call Deb Sofield today!

The UnSpoken Rules of the Game™

(For a female audience)

Feeling overlooked, ignored, or invisible at work? If you’ve ever secretly wonder what you’re doing to sabotage your own career, or why others enjoy all the lucky breaks – it’s time you learned Deb Sofield’s “Unspoken Rules of the Game – 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life.” In this lively discussion, Deb Sofield examines the five foundational bad habits that keep women from realizing their amazing potential. You’ll laugh a lot and learn more as you:

  • Explore ways to take advantage of every opportunity for leadership in both your personal and professional life
  • Change the way you communicate
  • Polish your natural abilities and attributes
  • Strengthen others’ perceptions about you
  • Maximize your message in the marketplace

If you’re ready to take charge, be noticed and move up while maintaining your natural leadership style, join Deb Sofield and change the course of your career!

Your Campaign Speech – How to Wake Them Up and Win Them Over™

In today’s cancel culture, elected leaders and candidates for office need to be savvier than ever. From fundraising to a command of the issues, debate, and speech preparation to appearing at ease with the media and constituents alike. Today’s politicians need to present the total package to impact a mostly uninformed, uninterested, and unresponsive public.

In this custom-tailored program, Deb helps each client identify the reasons for seeking office. Deb then uses that as a base to develop a strategic communication package to help you sell your message to voters, the media and for use in speech, editorial boards, and debate prep. Deb’s strategy includes important techniques for building a political platform on serious issues and ideas, crafting your message, and dealing with negative opposition.

A few sessions with Deb Sofield and you will be running a campaign for the history books – a winning campaign defined by you – not by your opposition or the media. Call Deb today to get started on the path to victory!


Note: Deb Sofield knows that burden increases on the female candidates who also have to justify to a skeptical public why she wants to hold public office. That’s why Deb has also developed a Campaign Strategy Program for women – Call today to learn more.

From Gambling to Gaming to Power of Words™

(For a conservative audience)

In order to win in today’s daily outrage culture and with weaponization of social media, elected officials have to harness the power of language to change hearts, change minds and change behaviors of ourselves and others.

We have become a hyper-attentive nation that is quick to judge. The words and visuals you use today are more important than ever in determining whether you win or lose at the ballot box, the checkout line, and the court of public opinion. More than ever, it is important to speak how listeners and readers will interpret your words rather than speaking in such a way that makes you happy. Join Deb in learning how to navigate the issue of the day and remind your voters of their hopes, dreams and aspirations that are still within their reach.

Misfits, Mavericks, Renegades & Rascals™

(Luncheon or after dinner talk)

History is chock full of leaders who started out as losers, loners, or laggards. But when their time came, they answered destiny call. And in many cases, changed the course of our lives. In this powerful message on leadership, National Speaker Deb Sofield delivers one of her most insightful and sought after presentations on the essence of leadership drawing from real-life examples and lessons from history. Deb examines the common characteristics that all dynamic leaders share and leaves today’s leaders with important tips for leaving a lasting legacy. Leaders answered the call and so too, changed the fates of countries, companies, and people. Hear the stories of those who have gone before and left a legacy we all know. Come join Deb Sofield for an exciting lesson on the qualities of lasting leadership with history’s Misfits, Mavericks, Renegades, and Rascals.

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