Business, Politics and Pageants Have a Lot in Common!

I am in the process of writing guidebook for parents of pageant girls. You might be surprised to know that I am one of the Southeast’s top pageant interview coaches for Miss America, Miss USA, Little Miss, the Rodeo queens, the Cow queens, Watermelon queens and the list goes on and on. And what I learned early on is that it’s not really me—it’s coaching my clients to dig deep within themselves that makes the difference. When they learn to speak without fear – when they are true to themselves – they win every time.

In the pageant business probably the most important lesson a kid must learn is always tell the truth. I’m not suggesting you ever be mean or unkind in your words but always remember, you never have to rethink if you tell the truth the first time. Another lesson I’ll be writing about is don’t degrade others – you need to be your kids’, your family’s and your employees’ ally and their protector. You need to have their back every time. Just as family needs to protect family – you need to claim your people; build them up – care for them – be their advocate. Finally, be careful of what you say. When you insinuate that others don’t have value they begin to think they are not worth anything. When that happens the silver thread is broken – it will be a life-long battle for that person to find hope — a lifelong struggle to believe that they are worthy of love and acceptance.

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