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No Act of Kindness Is Ever Wasted

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No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted!  Aesop

Well, I am back to my favorite theme again—kindness. And I am pretty sure you’ll agree with me, that the world at this very moment could use a little bit more kindness. Why? Because, friends, kindness matters—today, tomorrow and the next day.

We just had Mothers Day, and I hope you took the time to show kindness toward mom, whatever your relationship. Today I want to talk about not only the value of kindness towards others, but also for you, as well.

I love the quote that

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted!

I love it, not only because it is true, but also because it has a realistic side to it that accepts that even a small gesture is of great value in our world.

So many times we think we have to do big things to be accepted, acknowledged or even loved, but the reality is, any act of kindness in our world today would be a drink of cold water on a hot day—a time of refreshment in a world that is empty. And you know what I think is the best part? It’s that YOU can do it. Yes, you—in all your hustle and hurry in life—you can still be the flame that lights the fire that warms the soul.

When I was thinking about this show, the idea of hospitality was on my mind.

I love the idea of hospitality, and I practice it as best I can, because it is important to show kindness and goodness to others. In the South we are commended many times for our hospitality towards others. I love the good old Southern quote; You’re never a stranger, just a friend we haven’t met. And it is that type of kindness and hospitality that gives us a great reputation for graciousness (my other favorite topic), because, friends, in this world we can all use a lot more of each.

But in our time today, I wanted to focus on kindness, and I want to talk about you, because, friend, you should be kind to you. I work with a lot of people from every walk of life, and there are those who seem to struggle with the idea of their personal value, their personal significance and their deep internal worth. I am not sure if it’s due to work that they do, or if it’s the life they lead that makes them feel so empty or hollow. Perhaps somewhere along the line they worked so hard to get ahead (or even that they have worn themselves out so much) that they are running on empty when it comes to their understanding of self-worth and value.

If that is you today, may I ask that you consider slowing down enough to let your mind, body, soul and spirit catch up so you can take a break and heal and renew or revive your strength for the journey? That is the true base of understanding how to be kind to you.

The Bible is very clear on this; Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit. Prov. 23:4

Why? you may ask. Well, when all is said and done and your physical strength is spent, if you’ve not put enough of your energy into building friendships, time with family or simply taking care of yourself, the only person who is harmed is you…and, friend, you deserve more than that. Why? Because you have value and don’t you ever think you do not. Certainly, don’t listen to or stop listening to those who don’t build you up—no one has time for that.

I know I say it often, but, friend, remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and you were known before you ever came into being; for that reason, you have a responsibility to take care of yourself, because you have value. Your value only has to be measured internally and externally by you, and it doesn’t matter whether anyone else sees it or not. The fact is you can do things that others cannot, because you’ve trained or worked or created, and in that act of bettering yourself you’ve added a value to your life and perhaps the lives of others, and no one can take that away.

Remember, you are not here by accident (no matter what your siblings say); no, you are here for a reason, and your life’s work is to figure that out and then do something about it. I will admit that I’m not requiring you to do something big (although I know you can if you choose to). What is needed in today’s world is a simple understanding of the saying that “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” Especially when it comes to you!

When I was working on this week’s show I came across another interesting point and it is this. Did you know that any act of kindness towards yourself or others is a boost to your heart and mind? I have an article that I will share with you about the health benefits of doing a charitable act of kindness. I find it interesting that our bodies react in a wholesome way when we use our time, our mind and our money to do something good for others. I know that many people are weighed down under the heavy burden of life—job, family, debt, health and I’ll add lack of energy—but no matter what you feel (because feelings can change, and you can change your feelings), you can still nurture the one light that should never go out and that is the flickering flame of kindness that you show yourself and others.

I also want to remind you that you are needed and, whether you believe me or not, you will be missed when you are gone.

This past month I have been talking about leaving a legacy that will stand the test of time. A few week’s ago my show focused on the phrase If You Want to Leave a Footprint Don’t Drag Your Feet… make a discernible imprint that will be not only be seen but also be followed by others. Why? you may ask. Because, friend, your time on this earth is limited and then one day you’ll be gone, but my point is simply to give you hope and remind you that you will be missed when you are gone. The fact is that only you can make that happen; only you can leave a legacy by building the relationships today that will leave a lasting memory for tomorrow.

I work with people here and abroad and see that, deep inside, so many people choose to live in the grey twilight of life, neither making an impression or even a difference, and I am concerned on a lot of levels, because if you don’t value who you are, then you will not value what you can do for others…even yourself. Friends, remember that No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

So, today, let’s take a realist look at the life you’re leading and ask yourself if it is the life you want. And if that answer is not satisfactory to you; then be bold enough to make the change to be kind to yourself first, so you can be the change, and then to others so they can see the change… because No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. I believe deep inside you know that. I’d like to ask that you live that statement out loud for others to see.

Deb Sofield

Deb Sofield is a Keynote Speaker, Author of the book, Speak without Fear – Rock Star Presentation Skills to get People to Hear What You Say and Encouragement For Your Life ~ Tough Love Memos to Help You Fight Your Battles and Change the World, Radio Talk Show Host in the Salem Network, Podcaster and President of her own Executive Speech Coaching Co., which trains women and men for success in speaking, crisis communications, presentation skills, media and message development in the U.S. and abroad.

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