May you stay in one place forever…


The other day I was reading some information for a speech I am working on and I came across perhaps the most awful thing that could ever be said about someone. It is from the Tartar tribe of Central Asia and they say that prior to battle, the Tartar Tribes of Central Asia used to make a pronouncement over their enemies. It had nothing to do with their ability to overpower or wipe out their enemy in battle. Instead, their curse was this, “May you stay in one place forever.

Their curse was that their enemy would stop learning, stop growing, and fail to improve. The Tartar Tribe was well aware that a person or group that fails to learn is learning to fail.

Wow that might be the more terrifying phrase I’ve read in years… “May you stay in one place forever.”

Wouldn’t that be a terrible thing to stay in one place forever not about where you live in your house but no personal growth, no movement, no future, no hope, and no options? Wow – I too would consider that a curse… stay in one place forever

I’d be surprised if anyone out there knew a member of the Tartar Tribe or could find Central Asia on a map and yet so many people seem to have bought into this phrase and placed it on themselves willingly because from what I can tell that’s what some people do with their lives…stay in one place forever or put another way they do NOTHING

They are happy to stay in one place forever

They are happy enough with the status quo – Why dream Deb… it might not come true… let’s just stay where we are and be safe

Some have bought into the belief that you shouldn’t live above your’ raising (a good southern phrase)– learn to be happy with your lot in life and while I agree that contentment is a virtue – movement is the joy of life… friend – the world is big, the sky expansive and the ocean goes on forever – why stay where you are?

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