Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith

I have had a lot of different experiences in my life and have taken chances that on the outside might not have seemed so smart. Okay they probably weren’t so smart on the inside either, but who knew? I jumped in anyway because I have this theory about life—you’ve got to go and do what you want to do in case the world changes and those one-time opportunities disappear. I fundamentally believe that we are not meant to live a boring life. This world is too big, too amazing, too discoverable for me (or you) to sit at home and not experience it.

My cousin posted on Facebook a quote that I put on my page. It says, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” That is the truth. And it’s not just travel to other countries but perhaps a new adventure close to home that make memories for a lifetime.

Growing up I knew that if I made a mistake that I was young enough to survive the fall, whether it was financial, emotional, and physical. I always figured if my big idea didn’t work out (or if none of my ideas worked out) I was young enough that I could start again without much loss of time, energy or money. Oh the good old days – now, since I have reached a milestone in my age on this amazing earth, I tend to think a little more about my future.

My friend Lisa gave me a plaque when she sensed that I was struggling to make a decision about an opportunity that had presented itself. On this plaque was a wild-haired girl jumping over a fire. The plaque read, “this is faith – and this is leap of faith.” I always liked that little plaque.It reminds me that living the life of comfort and ease won’t provide the heart-stopping thrill of landing your first airplane or getting up for the first time on your water skis or riding the world’s longest escalator.

The plaque also reminds me that sometimes there are problems or issues that you can’t lightly step over. You’d be better off to leap over it so you don’t die a slow burn. The fact is for most of us the fire will always be there, but how we get across is the journey we write home about. And you know instinctively that once you make that leap you’ve now done something big.

Having the courage to make a leap of faith probably is not an everyday occurrence. In fact, if you’re having to do it often you might need to stop and see what is driving the need to remove yourself from situations in such a grand fashion.

I came across a quote from Margaret Shepard years ago and I have kept it on my computer as a reminder of life: “Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”

I love that quote because in my own life it has been true and I am sure it has been true for you. Admit it, sometimes you’ve had to jump and pray that there would be a ledge or limb or line that would catch you.

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