Deb Sofield



Kathy F.

Just finished listening to your Sunday presentation at Sister Giant – I am listening from Louisville KY via live streaming – you were phenomenal – spoke directly to my soul and made me think more than twice (and I’m a democrat!)…

Val V.

Thank you, Deb, for your comments both yesterday and today at Sister Giant. I had literally stopped talking with my Republican friends because I couldn’t stand the anger, the fear, and the polarized opinions. I had become disillusioned and hardened by this election cycle. You got this Democrat to think warmly of a Republican and I agree that you earned a standing ovation. Thank you for that!!!  Carry on, friend!

Karie B.

I was an attendee at the Sister Giant conference in LA this past weekend. I have thought of you repeatedly since and just wanted to thank you for attending and contributing in the ways you did. I found your talk inspiring and practical. I especially admire and respect your presence given your political views vary so greatly from the majority of people in the room. It took a lot of courage to sit on the “party panel” and your willingness to come across the county to teach and share with us really made a big impression. Thank you for being […]

Philip H.

What a pleasure meeting you, and hearing your presentation about using my voice when campaigning, last Sunday.  It was a wonderful, refreshing reminder of lessons I learned from voice classes during my acting days, many years ago.  Thank you very much for taking the time to come to Los Angeles and share your knowledge, insight, and wisdom! Thank you for being one of the many inspiring speakers that inspired me!

Lynn C.

Thank you for the presentation by Deb Sofield that was given for the Women of the City. To be encouraged and motivated is one of the best gifts one can receive.Taking control of the mental game, especially of space and power, was intriguing and memorable because of Deb’s visual and comical portrayal. And we’ve all been told that body language speaks volumes; thus the tips for improvement were fabulous.Kudos to each of you for your involvement in supporting the women in our workplace.

Kianna M.

Not only did you do a fabulous job speaking with us, you took the worries we had about public speaking away.

Kate F.

Thanks for sharing your greatest tips for us to fight in the battle and change the world.

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