What will do you Next… continued

In my earlier blog I wrote about a pattern I see happening a lot these days – people who start well but somehow fall off of the track and don’t seem to know how to get their mojo back. Their failure is due to a miscommunication about one of the hardest questions they do not ask, which is What Will You Do Next….

So to answer the question… here is my million-dollar advice. It is very simple and yet one of the hardest things to do.

Ready… My advice is this that you learn to Move

Really… You have to Move – Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically.

Friends, you’ve got to do something…if you sit still you’ll atrophy.

I like the following definitions for Move

  • To take action; proceed
  • To advance or progress
  • To be active in a particular sphere
  • To set or keep in motion
  • To change from one place or position to another
  • To prompt, actuate, or impel to some action

For many the concept of Move for your success, sanity and safety will transport immediately to the logical and you’ll ask, “Move Where” or “How”.

Patience grasshopper…. and let your mind soar… if even for a few minutes.

To get there let me give you three phrases to consider: 1) Keep Working, 2) Fake it till you Make It, 3) Be Original or be Quiet


I’ll return to this blog post next week with a discussion of Keep Working… until then – Keep Moving