Who set your boundaries?

As I walked along the fence I came upon this marker… Boundary of the United States It’s an imposing marker set into the fence line between America and Mexico. One can easily scale the fence or swim around the jetty in the ocean but even if you cross over willingly… or not… you’ve now crossed a boarder – a boundary line that either keeps you in or keeps you out.

It makes me wonder, “Who set your boundaries? Have you limited yourself? Are on the wrong side of the fence”.

The concept of boundaries frustrates me – who gets to set them and who ensures they are abided by? Is it first come – first serve, by purchase or by war… to the victor go the spoils and the boundary line. Boundaries in business many times are bumped up against until someone calls their lawyer… boundaries in relationships cause great angst… boundaries to ones abilities are hard to acknowledge until the obvious is apparent.

What I find so often with my clients is that they have adhered to boundary lines that were set for them by someone else and it is closing them in and shutting them out and limiting their hopes, their dreams, and in a odd way – their future. It’s the voices in their heads that says things that are simply not true and yet they have heard those words for so long they are now engrained in their soul.

Boundaries for safety and security make sense… boundaries for limiting your abilities and dreams because of the dysfunction of others does not and must be erased so you find your place to grow and thrive and be your best and just maybe climb the fence and swim around the jetty.

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