When your past calls – don’t answer it has nothing new to say

How many times have you fallen back into an old habit or pattern because you answered the call of your past? You know you should not have pick up the proverbial phone, but you did and then you said hello and now you’re dealing with the aftermath.

I’m encouraging you today to say good-bye and leave your past behind you as you move forward. I think it is interesting that so many people I talk with have this same pull – it’s like spider web that seems to draw many back when they have come so far. It’s odd in a way that the stickiness of your past is hard to unglue in the present…

But it wouldn’t be if you had just not answered the phone. Friends, let me remind you that, when your past calls – don’t answer it has nothing new to say.

And the reason it has nothing new to say is that you are not that same person. You are not the same person who made those mistake years, months, days, hours, minutes ago. Now you may be making new mistakes but that’s a talk for another day.

Life is movement forward unless you like to live in the past.

And some people I have met along my journey do like to live in the past. For some it might have been their glory days, you know when you play football without your knees hurting, or you could sing without your voice cracking or you were student body president and did great things, years ago. For some remembering your past is all right – just don’t live there because that is not your future.

And those who have a past that is less than stellar, why oh why have your brought it along with you? Leave it behind and even if it calls, don’t answer. Why? Because it has nothing new to say.

I know that in some circles it is considered spiritual or healing or good for your soul to keep digging up old bones and chewing on ’em again. But that is not for me and, I trust, after our talk today you will realize that is not for you or anyone you know. Unless you glance back and learn from a mistake you are just going to be staring at a damaged or empty past; that does you no good.

And allow me to mention for you who are of the faith community, once forgiven you have no need to go back and relive the muddy days – that’s an insult, and you know it. Friends, we all make mistakes that we’re sorry for but if you don’t move past it and settle it, forgive it and forget it, you are only hurting your soul and spirit.

If someone treats you badly, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people don’t go around destroying other people. Never let someone with the significance of a speed bump become a roadblock in your life!

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