Give it a try whispered the heart

It’s impossible said pride. It’s risky said experience. It’s pointless said reason. Give it a try whispered the heart.

Give it a try whispered the heart. I love the heart – the one muscle that you must use to keep strong when everything seems to be falling apart. At the center of your body is the heart that beats and keeps the whole body in motion.

And call me crazy, but I believe your body hears everything you say about it. That’s why it is so important to learn to love yourself and be comfortable with who you area and how your are – your best self. It’s not that you can’t improve for health or well-being, but keeping your heart healthy and strong will hold you in good times and bad, success and failure, happiness and tears.

We’re always being told to guard your heart or it will break and to that I say of course in your lifetime you will have heartbreak but it doesn’t mean it’s broken, it may just be still for a while until it heals or has a reason to beat again with joy.

And by the way, keeping your heart closed off from others might cause some of the most damaging tears to your heart if you’re not careful. Sure, guard your heart from those who don’t value it but don’t lock it away or it might atrophy or worse stop. Stop loving, stop giving, heaven forbid stop living your best life ever or what you are called to do in this lifetime. If you’ll keep your heart open it might bring you unspeakable joy – sometimes even through tears.

I’m not sure who came up with this quote but it is a keeper in my book. It is so what our world and environment says, I hear it all the time: “It’s impossible Deb,” “It’s risky Deb,” “It’s pointless Deb” to which my response is simply – well lets at least try.

Dear reader, what are you up against these days? What issue has distracted you from your goal? What problem seems so large that you’ve come to a stop or simply a fork in the road and don’t know what to do or which road to take?

Do you feel defeated because you listened to the mindless chatter of others who say…

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