Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, and mirror what you admire.

I had some interesting speaking engagements recently and it brought to mind this saying: Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, and mirror what you admire.

In Pennsylvania, I was speaking to those who are planning on running for public office. I teach Your Campaign Speech and how to engage your audience to listen to your message. And in Maryland, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Spouse Program for the Republican members of Congress. I must say they were both wonderful groups to spend time with and my thought for today is a direct result of what I saw that week. If you’re in public office or would like to be, if you run a corporation or would like to you if you plan to run a non-profit that can survive in these tough times, you need to learn the skills that will set you apart from others. At the top of that list is the ability to speak and be heard and seen in the quiet and the noise. Otherwise friend, you’ll never make it to the finish line in the hard race for success.

Many of the folks with whom I work discovered that success in life or politics or business is dependent on attracting what they expected, reflecting what they desired, becoming who they respected, and learning to mirror what they admired. You know, when you think about it, it’s an interesting thought that you can attract what you expect.

Everyday I expect good things. I look at the bright side, not because I am Pollyanna but because I don’t like the darkness of negativity. By changing myself to be more positive (even when I don’t feel like it) or to perhaps be more kind than feel, I have reaped rewards. Rewards such as being around people who also expect great things with a positive bent to be better, stronger, kinder than perhaps our natural nature would provide. Change is good – hard but good for most of us.

If you were to attract what you expect what would happen? I think it goes to the heart of expectation. What great or small expectation do you have for yourself or for others?

How do you see yourself? Not your glorified ego self but really your true self—you know the one that shows up when your doing nothing or in your spare time or when you least expect it because if you see yourself as a helper, healer, or hero – you become that and more.

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