What Deb’s Fans Say

Speak Without Fear is bold, creative, and a must read! A necessary tool for every great speaker. – Jil L., President & CEO, Urban League of the Upstate & Greenville City Council-member, District 3

A truly inspirational toolbox of step-by-step instructions that every public speaker and aspiring presenter can learn from. – Lori Johnson C., COO of Integrated Media Publishing

Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become a confident presenter in this beautifully written guide by award-winning speaker and executive speech and presentations coach, Deb Sofield. – Yvonne W., Tennessee Economic Council on Women

If you ever wished for another chance to make a first impression, “Speak Without Fear” is the book for you!  Whether you speak to the ballroom, the boardroom, or the classroom you’ll never again wonder whether you’ve connected with your audience.  And you’ll always leave them wanting more!-David H. W., former U.S. Ambassador to Canada and Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Speak without Fear is a playbook for anyone seeking to connect with an audience and realize their full potential.  Fear not! Be heard!” – Amy B. S., Vice President, Raytheon

“Speak without Fear masterfully outlines practical tips for enhancing what to say – and how to say it – to connect with any audience.” – Amy B. S., Vice President, Fortune 500 company

Deb Sofield is more than just an exceptional teacher, author and public speaking guru, she is a true master of her craft. As a former Miss South Carolina and regular public speaker, you would never guess that the idea of speaking in front of an audience once crippled me with fear; however, if it hadn’t been for Deb Sofield and her remarkable ability to find the public speaker that exists within all of us, I would never have been able to realize my dream of communicating and truly connecting with audiences around the world. If you are even slightly interested in becoming a better public speaker, read SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR as soon as possible; it will change your life. – Bree B. Miss South Carolina 2011, Founder “One Step with Bree”

The book “Speak Without Fear” by Deb Sofield, Executive Speech Coach and Speaker, is far more thanthe newest guide book to help people get through a speech without passing out. This book promises to help readers develop “Rock Star presentation Skills to Get People to Hear What You Say” and it does just that. Through examples, instruction, humor and finger waiving reprimands Sofield helps readers understand how to overcome fears and obstacles in order to become a persuasive speaker on a stage, in a presentation or anywhere.

One of the best things about “Speak Without Fear” is that Sofield brings all her coaching skills into play so that it feels as if she is actually talking to you. By the end of Section One you are ready to say, “put me in coach.” I recommend this book not only to people who have never made a speech, but also for those who struggle with making themselves heard in a way that causes listeners to act. –  Janet W. C., Consultant, Trainer and Author of 101 Winning Marketing Actions for Small Businesses and Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned.

“Whether a beginner or practiced public speaker, Speak without Fear provides us heightened awareness of how we conduct ourselves in the public eye and in business settings. The book brings to light and masters the nuances and subtleties of communication and how those subtleties can empower us and impact people’s perception of us.  This is one you will read now and wish you had decades ago!”–  Stewart B.

“Deb’s book is very direct in providing unique public speaking insights that I have never heard anywhere else. Her tips are realistic and manageable but have made a huge difference in helping me polishing my skills as a presenter.” – Lena B.