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The Art of Exceptional Living – Spring

One of my favorite motivational speakers was the late great Mr. Jim Rohn… his book The Art of Exceptional Living is one of my favorites and in it he talks about the seasons of life. He says we all know that there are 4 seasons… we have Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. And these seasons hold Life Lessons because… Read more »

Boundary of the United States

I walked along the border I came upon this imposing marker. It’s set into the fence line between America and Mexico. Anyone can easily scale the fence or swim around the jetty in the ocean and regardless of how or why you cross it, you’ve now crossed a border – a boundary line that either… Read more »

Rule #1 – Restate Your Position

I find it is rare when an audience member can ask a coherent question from the floor. In the questioners head it (their question) sounds sane but when they speak it usually comes out jumbled and you, speaker, must answer in a way that does not embarrass them. Sometimes you have to restate their question… Read more »

Likeability Factor – The Rules

I’ve worked in politics for 27 years and unconsciously or not we grade candidates (and people in general) on three factors: Issues, Party Affiliation, and Likeability. Historical data show that regardless of how the public grades issues and party affiliation, the candidate with the highest likeability factor wins the election every time. Friends we vote… Read more »

What Will You Do Next? part 1 of 3

In this blog post let’s look at the first of my three lessons for survival. Keep Working. The hardest thing you will do is to keep working on your dreams and goals. Granted it may be a smaller venue than you had hoped for but I have seen and learned by being on the stage… Read more »